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Silk Oxford Pillowcase

Custom Oxford Pillowcase

Oxford pillowcases feature approximately 4-10 cm stitched borders, primarily used for decorative purposes to enhance  the elegance and luxury of the bedding. Traditionally, oxford pillowcases were crafted from durable and resilient oxford fabric. However, in modern times, any fabric can be utilized to create custom oxford pillowcases. As such, they have become a versatile and practical bedroom accessory that complements any decor.

Sinosilk offers oxford pillowcases that are beautifully smooth with excellent drape providing a sound night sleep. Our oxford pillowcase is popular with wholesalers and importers due to its elegant and luxurious feeling. You can also guarantee that each oxford pillowcase is manufactured with lustrous and softness, providing maximum comfort to each customer. 

At Sinosilk, we offer custom oxford pillowcases. We manufacture based on your size, color, style, design, and more specifications. Custom logos, labels, and packaging are also available to boost your brand. Send us your inquiries today!

Why Choose Sinosilk Oxford Pillowcases?

  • Natural fabrics. Our collection of natural oxford pillowcases are made of natural fibers like silk, linen and cotton. These fabrics are soft, smooth,and hypoallergenic, offering protection for the skin and hair.
  • Stylish design. These pillowcases are designed with a 4cm border to ensure stylish decoration.
  • Comfort and durability. Our oxford pillowcases are suitable for year-round use and are made from high quality fabrics that have undergone rigorous quality checks. This ensures they are both soft to touch and built to last.
Key Benefits


  • It allows hydration
  • Temperature control
  • Anti-hair frizz
  • Gorgeous
  • Luxurious
  • Machine washable

Sizes Available

Standard Size: 20-inch x 26-inch

Queen Size: 20-inch x 30-inch

King Size: 20-inch x 36-inch

Custom Oxford pillowcase Sizes are also available to meet your requirements.

Sizes Available-Oxford pillowcase

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