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Custom Modal Scarves

Do you need a high-quality and luxurious modal scarf to boost your business? Sinosilk is your best supplier. We manufacture modal scarves that are smooth and soft. Thus, allowing a better drape while matching different outfits.

Our modal scarves are also designed with versatility. It can be used as long scarves, beach sarong, head wraps, and more. Your customers will surely love these functional, luster, and durable modal scarves.

At Sinosilk, we manufacture modal scarves in a wide range of patterns, colors, and designs. If you want a custom color and design, we can make it for you. We use digital or screen printing methods to customize every modal scarf.

Whether you are a retailer or wholesaler of modal scarves, Sinosilk can be your trusted partner. We offer low-cost scarves without sacrificing its quality. We can also guarantee low MOQ to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!

Key Benefits

Durable. Modal scarves have excellent permeability and color fixation. They are also wrinkle resistant and do not pucker easily. So they are easy to care for and will retain their feel and appearance for a long time to come.

Lightweight. These scarves are lightweight making them breathable to use in different seasons.

Vibrant colors. We offer modal scarves in more than 3000 vibrant colors to meet your requirements.

Eco-friendly and anti-allergy. Modal scarves are eco-friendly products that are biodegradable. They are also gentle on the skin and typically do not cause allergic reactions.

Types of Modal Scarves

Our modal scarves are available in plain and twill by fabric texture. In addition to pure modal scarves, we also have silk modal scarves, modal wool scarves and modal cashmere scarves.

Silk modal scarves are thinner and more breathable than pure modal scarves.

Modal wool scarves feel very thick and warm to withstand the cold.

Modal cashmere scarves are softer and have a fleece feel.

Custom Options of Modal Scarves

Sizes. Our modal scarves have 30cm x 140cm, 50cm x 170cm, 60cm x 180cm regular sizes. However, we can also customize based on your specific size requirements.

Labels. Sinosilk also offers custom labels with stickers upon your request.

Packaging. We can provide customize packaging for your modal scarves with brand name or logo for branding purposes.

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