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Manufacturing: Sinosilk


For the sustainability of maintaining quality standards, Sinosilk takes R&D work very seriously. After doing ongoing research with a knowledgeable and motivated workforce, we are providing products that correspond to shifting worldwide trends.

Sinosilk made innovation and development its guiding principles, it has emerged as one of the industry’s top business.

Winding Process

Due to our concern for quality, we are winding thread at our facilities to maintain our standards of quality. Our company can wind 600 tons of thread annually.

Without compromising our commitment to quality, we are closely observing every step of the process, from accepting the thread at our company to creating the finished products.

Our skilled team completes 12,000,000 meters of wrap tambouring each year because they are aware of how critical it is for the quality of our product. The process of turning the thread into a finished item begins with wrap tambouring.


With more than 14 years of expertise, Sinosilk has established itself as a pioneer in the industry. Sinosilk produces fabrics with the newest technology on jacquard looms and dobby weaves made of  silk cotton, flamed, viscose, pashmina, taffeta, and satin.

With the expanding structure, Sinosilk can weave 36,000,000 meters of cloth annually, and this capacity is constantly developing.

More Details

Fringe process

Our fringing machine is used by Sinosik to process the long fringes on made scarves. We can produce 5,400,000 fringe shawls a year.

Dyeing Facility

With the use of washing,chemical finish,plain dye, and double dye functions ,our dyeing facility, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology, can produce 4000 tons annually.

Electronic Printing

With the development of the fashion industry and the current emphasis on design, we at Sinosilk are providing our customers with the ability to manufacture the most recent trends at our facilities.

In addition to our extensive pattern collection, we can produce distinctive designs and variants based on client requirements. With a focus on customer pleasure, we can produce 1,200,000 digitally printed scarves and shawls annually.


We diligently carry out the final control of colored and/or printed end products in our confection area, which is the last stop before the clients.

Our confection team prepares the products for our consumers under “control from the eyes of our customers” The capacity of our confection sector is 12,000,000 per year, and it is steadily growing.

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