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Choose the perfect lining fabric to complement your product. Browse Sinosilk’s meticulously prepared collection of lining fabrics,  including garment linings, bridal linings, lining fabrics for bags/handbags, and more.

You can customize lining fabrics at wholesale prices without any limitation from Sinosilk. You can choose different thicknesses of lining fabric for your spring/summer or fall/winter projects. The choice of various textures can enhance the attractiveness of your products. 

If you desire to dye or print the lining fabric by yourself, we can provide undyed lining materials. We also prepare a wide range of popular stock colors for you to choose from or you can customize the colors. Opting for custom-printed lining fabrics is a bold decision that adds depth to your designs, incorporate your logo or symbolic elements onto the lining fabric to create a unique brand collection.

As a professional manufacturer of lining fabrics, our team can provide suitable options based on your specific requirements. We also offer free fabric samples. Contact us now to request samples and quotes.

Custom Silk Lining Fabrics By the Yard / Meter / Roll

  • Composition: 100% Mulberry Silk
  • Fabric characteristics: Smooth and even texture, natural luster, breathability, moisture absorption
  • Benefits as a lining fabric: Minimizes friction, facilitates effortless dressing and undressing, enhances the appearance, ensures comfort
  • Suitable for projects: High-end garment linings, suit linings, evening gown linings, wedding dress linings, branded handbag linings, lingerie linings, kimono linings, and more.

Custom Silk Blend Lining Fabrics By the Yard / Meter / Roll

  • Composition: Silk fibers blended or mixed with other fibers (natural/synthetic or semi-synthetic fibers)
  • Fabric characteristics: Soft, smooth, breathability, strength
  • Benefits as a lining fabric: Neat appearance, comfort, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, versatility
  • Suitable for projects: Dress linings, shirt linings, jacket linings, coat linings, suit linings, robe linings, sportswear linings, hat linings, bag linings, and more.

Custom Viscose & Rayon Lining Fabrics By the Yard / Meter / Roll

  • Composition: Cellulose fibers
  • Fabric characteristics: Smooth, soft, drapes, well, cost-effective
  • Benefits as a lining fabric: Neat appearance, comfort, property fit, durability, versatile adaptability
  • Suitable for projects: Dress linings, coat linings, sportswear linings, suit linings, handbag linings, hat linings, and more.

Benefits of Wholesale Custom Lining Fabric

Our lining fabric ensures that your products have a longer lifespan while concealing stitches and seams, maintaining a smooth appearance. It effectively strengthens the structural integrity, allowing your garments/bags/hats to retain their intended shape without deformation. It can also enhance the convenience and comfort of wearing gowns or wedding dresses, enabling the wearer to enjoy these special moments.

When designing summer projects, our lining fabric can help to eliminate concerns about garment transparency, providing customers with the confidence to wear them boldly. For winter projects, it provides insulation while minimizing wear and tear on outer garments, preserving the exquisite appearance.

Benefits of Wholesale Custom Lining Fabric

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