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Custom Linen Scarves

Introducing Sinosilk scarves made from 100% linen fabric. Thus, guaranteed that it is designed with maximum softness and smoothness. It also provides maximum comfort to your customers.

We manufacture linen scarves that are very versatile. It can be layered on top of an outfit during winter. Your customers can also use it as a cover-up during the summer season. With their flexibility, these scarves can be used for wrapping around the neck.

Sinosilk is a professional linen scarves manufacturer that offers extensive custom options. We provide custom sizes, colors, designs, printing, and hemming options. Custom logos and packaging are also available to skyrocket your brand.

Aside from that, we provide linen scarves with low MOQ and competitive prices to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!

Linen Scarves
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Advantages of Using Linen Scarves

  • Our linen scarves are designed to provide excellent heat dissipation
  • Protects the skin from the summer heat
  • Provides maximum moisture absorption
  • Keeps the skin dry and cool

Is a Linen Scarf More Suitable for Summer or Winter?

Linen scarves are well-known for their coolness and excellent heat dissipation properties. However, in reality, linen scarves possess both warm and cool characteristics, making them suitable for all seasons.

During hot summers, the natural folds of linen scarves provide breathable space for the skin, allowing for proper moisture absorption and perspiration.

In cold winters, the air’s water vapor content is reduced, which can cause dryness and make the skin more fragile. Linen scarves are soft and skin-friendly, adapting quickly to temperature changes and restoring the skin’s comfort.

Therefore, linen scarves are versatile accessories that can be worn in both winter and summer.

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