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Unlock How to Wash a Silk Sheet?

It is hard not to fall in love with silk sheets. Except for its cool and soft texture, and premium luster, it renders temperature regulation and frequent ventilation to increase comfort. All in all, it attracts numerous consumers to be most willing to throw money for it.

However, you may pay more money for another purchase owing to improper washing. But to your surprise, cleaning a silk sheet without damaging it is much easier than your imagination. You just need to pay a bit extra attention and follow some rules. It will even gain a better result than a dry clean. Here is a thorough instruction on washing a silk sheet. You can get foolproof ways to both hand wash and machine wash your delicate sheet. 

How to Prepare Before Washing?

  • Step 1: Check the care label.

Is your silk sheet washable? Is it dry-clean only? Is it machine washable? Try a careful read and get the answers. 

  • Step 2: Check the breakage and dye bleed.

Is your silk sheet well-preserved? Will it have a dye bleed while cleaning? Sane precautions can help you better preserve it and avoid discoloration. First, you should check your silk sheet for snagging and fraying. Even a tiny breakage can deteriorate whilst washing. If you do find some, repair them before cleaning. 

At the same time, you can have a spot test for dye bleed. If not, you may get a silk sheet in the “new color and new pattern”. The simplest spot test is to dip the white cotton swab into lukewarm water and give your sheet some tender scrubs. Your silk sheet tends to fade color if the swab is not as white as before. Then, soak it in a solution containing a little salt for less than 10 minutes to fix its dye. 

  • Step 3: Choose safe detergents.

Choose a detergent special for silk items or with a neutral pH value. Strong alkaline may harden the fibers.

Use distilled white vinegar if you don’t have a silk-safe softener. This common seasoner assists you in rinsing chemical substances out and softening fibers.

Absolutely avoid detergents with enzymes and chlorine. These products may dissolve the silk fibers. You never want a hole in your luxurious sheet.

How to Wash a Silk Sheet by Hand?

If you want to keep your silk sheet vibrant and in shape after years of usage, handwashing is the optimal method to clean it. You barely cause damage to a silk sheet while handwashing it.

  • Step 1: Make a washing solution.

You can wash your silk sheet in a washtub or bathtub. Add an advised amount of detergent into cold water. Stir the solution to make cleaning chemicals distributed evenly. Pay attention that the water should be under 86℉, or the fibers may melt and form a plate.

  • Step 2: Saturate your silk sheet in the solution

Turn your silk sheet inside out. Subermege it for about 5 to 15 minutes. Oversoak is detrimental to silk fiber and should be avoided.

  • Step 3: Agitate with a gentle swirl.

Swab down your silk sheet with a gentle touch and stir it mildly. Do not twist it or wring out it.

  • Step 4: Rinse

Try your best to rinse the silk sheet up. The chemical residue harms the silk protein over time. You should run it under water more than 3 times.

How to Wash a Silk Sheet by Washing Machine?

Can I wash silk sheets in the washer? The answer is on the care label. Washing a silk sheet by hand requires strenuous efforts. Therefore, many turn to washing machines despite the odds of sheen loss and shrinkage. However, we can reduce the odds by easy attempts.

  • Step 1: Add the detergents.

Put a silk-friendly detergent with the proper dosage into the dispenser and pour about ½  cup of vinegar into the softener dispenser.

  • Step 2: Set the washing machine.

Some washers have a silk setting. But it is not a hassle for you to set a suitable setting. First,  adjust the machine to a delicate cycle. Choose the cold water setting. Pay extra attention to stopping the machine before a spun cycle. Do not remove excess water by spin cycle. It is too violent and your sheet may get crumples and frayed.

  • Step 3: Wash the silk sheet.

Put your silk sheet into a big mesh laundry bag with its inside out. You had better prepare a silk-only load with similar colors or wash it alone. The laundry bag is supposed to be friendly to silk fibers and not too stiff to snag your sheet. Then turn on the machine. Do not forget it after the cleaning is finished. Creases and indentations may come to your silk sheet if it is folded in the bag for too long. 

How to Dry a Silk Sheet?

  • Step 1: Blot excess water.

Prepare clean white towels and lay them flat. Again lay the washed silk sheet flat on the towels. Then you can either roll the towels with your sheet inside or lay other towels on it. Impose some stress on the towels to rid the silk sheet of excess water. Remember, never wring your silk sheet out. It is fatal to its delicate fibers, for silk has a weaker ability to protect itself when in a wet condition. 

  • Step 2: Line-dry the silk sheet.

Hang your silk sheet on a drying rack in an airy and shady place. Do not expose any of your silk items to direct sunshine. It endangers discoloration and destroys the integrity of fibers. You had better not use clothespins to fix your sheet while drying. This type of pins are too harsh and thus dent the silk fabric.

Besides, do not line dry your silk sheet for too long. For example, it can get dry within two hours during summer. Otherwise, it will lose too much moisture and dim its vibrant colors.

How to Remove Stains?

Silk sheets consist of vulnerable silk fabrics and are prone to stains of makeup, skin chemicals, blood, etc. These stains may be stubborn and thus be challenging to remove without special treatment.

You can clean away them more effectively by pretreating them without water. Dab some stain remover specialized in silk washing on the stained area. And let them work there for about 10 minutes to weaken and break down the stains. You can also rub and scrub the reverse side of the sheet to further loosen the stains, but never the silky side.

Tips and Tricks on How to Maintain Silk Sheet

  • Do not iron your silk sheet

Your silk sheet may be a little crumpled after washing, especially by machine. However, you do not need to iron it. A silk sheet is capable of releasing its wrinkles and creases. Therefore, it may recover and restore flatness after several days. You only need to lay it flat when it is not in use. 

A silk sheet is made of a protein with a similar structure to the protein of our hair. Have you ever ironed your hair? It is a tricky work. Improper ironing damages the silk sheet and the heat may even burn it to unrepairable condition. So just let it dewrinkle by itself.

  • Store your silk sheet properly.

After cleaning and drying, you should store your silk sheet properly if it is not in urgent use. You can place it in a breathable bag of natural materials or put it in an airy closet. You can also put some anti-moth and anti-bacterial products near it, such as lavender sachets.  


Can I Put the Silk Pillowcase in a Dryer?

No, you can not dry it with a dryer. The high heat harms the fibral structure of the silk sheet and it may fade.

How to Wash a New Silk Sheet?

You can wash a new one by handwash. Wash it with cold water and mild detergent. Add drops of vinegar to help rinse the detergent. Then hang it in a well-ventilated place without direct sun.

How often should I Wash my Silk Sheet?

You can wash it with the same frequency you wash your other sheets. But treat it with more care in the laundry. Moreover, if visible stains occur or chemical substances touch it, you should turn to wash immediately.

Will Silk Sheets Shrink After Washing?

Yes, silk sheets shrink a little after washing. Silk is a fabric that tightens its fiber structure in contact with water. However, it will not shrink to the visible degree and usually does not affect your use. Your silk sheet still fits your bed after washing, as it used to. Moreover, modern silk sheet manufacture develops rapidly. Shrinkage of some products has been reduced to a very low level, under 2%.


Caring for a sheet of pure silk at home is a profitable investment. It turns out to be a good result after you pay a bit extra attention to the washing and drying.  Do not be nervous anymore, just enjoy your leveled-up sleep!

Sinosilk is committed to providing high-quality silk products and custom services.  You can turn to us for help anytime you have questions about silk, we will try our best to solve your problems.

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