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Making weddings artistic

Wear a special custom silk scarf on such an important day in your life to give a reminder of this special day. In addition to this, other silk products can be customized to help you create unique and beautiful memories, such as the silk wedding dress. Bridal parties usually have special dress requirements, participants can wear silk pajamas,simple and comfortable.


Wedding gifts

All the friends and relatives get together for a romantic reason to witness the happy moment of the couple. The exquisite and unique customized silk scarves are presented to the guests as wedding gifts, so that the scarves convey the heartfelt gratitude and happiness of the couple to the guests.


Dress code for flight attendants

Flight attendants’ silk scarves serve many purposes. It can not only make them look elegant and intellectual, but also adjust the dull and serious feeling of the uniform,so that the passengers feel relaxed. In addition, if some emergencies occur, the scarf can also be used to bandage wounds, stop bleeding and so on.


Professional suits decoration

The government officials and some staff in specialist trades in order to improve their temperament, make it look more professional, more convincing. They usually choose to wear a professional suit with a silk scarf.


Effective help for outdoor enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts uphold their love and ensure long hours outdoors in the wind and sun. At this time, a silk scarf with good air permeability, but also can absorb UV, resist the sand becomes their effective help.


Graduation stoles

Silk is made into graduation stoles to participate in the important stage of the students, representing their good quality and they have finished their studies excellently. It also placed the blessing and expectation of the school and teachers.


Carrier of kindness

Whereas in earlier times the silk scarf represented status and position, today it has been given another meaning as the carrier of kindness.They are combined with art and luxury goods to raise funds for charity.


Wearing the design on your body

Printing a painting or design onto a silk scarf or other silk products and being worn by people will give the designer a sense of accomplishment. The original intention of design is to be able to make their design into a real object, be loved by people. We can help designers make that happen.


Lead the fashion trend

Now as a fashion accessory, silk scarves can be wrapped around the neck and tied in a variety of ways, with each knot highlighting a unique temperament. At the same time, it can also be used as a headband to fix or decorate the hair. It is tied around the waist or wrist, or can be wrapped around a bag to enhance fashion.


Automatic advertising of artworks

The artwork is no longer just a cold object on display, it can be printed on silk products that people can wear to travel around the world, allowing more and more people to appreciate the beauty of art.


Pet accessories

Silk accessories with cute or special designs are the icing on the cake for cute pets. Silk is soft and smooth, it will not cause discomfort to pets. It’s cool to think that both owners and pets can wear silk accessories with the same design.  


Collection and display

Want to showcase your design in a unique way? Printed scarves are a good choice. Advanced printing technology allows the design to be clearly printed onto a silk scarf, which can then be framed for both display and collection.


Decorate the picnic basket

Worried about a dull picnic outing with just a picnic basket? Accessorize with custom silk scarves to instantly catch others’ eyes and become a fashion trendsetter.


Matching children’s clothing

Each child is a pure angel, plus our custom silk scarf decoration, for the little angel to add a pair of colorful wings.


Make your Christmas more enriching

Christmas is one of the most important holidays. On this day, families gather together to enjoy Christmas food, turkey, trunk cake, almond pudding and so on. These are decorated with beautiful silk scarves as tablecloths for a more grand look. Soft and luxurious silk scarves are also a good choice for Christmas gifts.


A colorful presence in the fashion market

With so many merchandise stalls in the market, how do you stand out from the rest and become a shining presence? Perhaps beautiful silk scarves can help. As a fashion accessory, it is already very attractive in its own right. Coupled with the unique design of the custom silk scarf, it will attract people to stop by whether it is worn with an outfit or used to decorate a stall.


Holiday fashion essentials

Silk provides excellent protection against UV rays. When enjoying sunbathing, silk is effective in preventing sunburn. A silk scarf can be treated to become a simple camisole top or worn around the waist like a half-skirt for a cool and stylish look. Of course you can also customize a sarong for a very airy and unique look. You can wear them for a fashion shoot on the beach for an unforgettable holiday.


Summer evening shawl

There is a big difference in temperature between day and night in summer. During the day, people dress coolly to beat the heat, but when the sun goes down and the temperature drops, having a silk shawl can bring warmth without losing your sense of style.


On display in the gift shop

Silk scarves are indispensable in the gift shop. Because you can’t go wrong with a silk scarf as a gift for anyone. Silk scarves are also very versatile, unlike other handicrafts that can only be used as a decoration. From head to toe, silk scarves can be used to decorate. It is also very thin and light, making it easy to carry. At the same time, silk scarves are available in a variety of sizes and types, making them more selective as gifts.

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