Flight Attendant Scarves

Custom Flight Attendant Scarves

  • MOQ: 50pcs per design
  • Material: 100% Silk, Silk-like fiber, Modal and other custom fabrics
  • Printing: One side digital printing, double sided digital printing, screen printing
  • Add your own artwork, graphics, logos and more
  • Size: To ensure the wear’s comfort and ease, the ideal size is 21‘’ x 21’’ , 36‘’ x 36’’ square or 26‘’ x 62’’ oblong. However, we are more than happy to customize it according to your specific requirements.

Impeccably dressed flight attendants form a bright landscape in the air flights. However, the monotony of uniform colors can occasionally lead to a touch of tedium, and amidst the bustling crowds, fail to command the desired attention. This is where Sinosilk’s customized unique flight attendant scarves step in. Not only do they effortlessly capture passengers’ gaze and facilitate quick identification, but they also serve many purposes, acting as invaluable aids in the flight attendants’ daily tasks.

Sinosilk’s flight attendant scarves are distinguished by their functionality, comfort, and durability. Adorned with graphics and logos designed by the airline itself, these scarves exude beauty and sophistication. Our scarves offer customizable services, ranging from fabric selection to pattern design, providing you with absolute creative freedom to craft a distinct visual identity for your company.

We can offer you a low MOQ, ensuring high-quality products while presenting a rarity in the industry — competitive pricing. With years of experience, our specialized factories are well-equipped to meet your diverse requirements. Feel free to request a quote today.

Why Choose Sinosilk’s Flight Attendant Scarf?

With a wealth of professional knowledge  and years of production experience, we understand and meet customers’ needs with our customized airline stewardess scarves, which possess the following characteristics:

  • Professionalism. Our airline scarves complement the uniforms, reflecting the specialism and sophistication of the flight attendants. They enhance the image of the flight attendants while maintaining their glamorous.
  • Brand recognition. These customized scarves align with the airline’s brand image, featuring eye-catching colors and unique logos. This helps crew members create a consistent and recognizable look.
  • Comfort. They need to be worn by flight attendants for extended periods, making comfort a top priority. Our fabrics undergo rigorous quality control to ensure they provide maximum comfort, without causing any discomfort or irritation. They are also easy to wear and adjust.
  • Safety. Our scarves are designed to prioritize safety during the wearer’s work. They won’t pose any safety hazards, impede movement, or get caught in equipment.
  • Versatility. These scarves are not only decorative but also adjustable to suit different attire. In emergencies, they can even be used as a bandage.

Which Fabric is Better for Customization?

Selecting the suitable fabric is pivotal to ensure both comfort and durability while maintaining an elegant appearance. Each fabric boasts distinct qualities, and the choice should align with your company’s style and requirements. Here are some of the commonly utilized fabrics:

  • Silk. Renowned for its luxurious texture and elegant aesthetic, silk offers a smooth, comfortable feel and drapes beautifully. However, it demands meticulous care.
  • Polyester. Scarves crafted from polyester are highly resilient and resistant to wrinkles. They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Cotton. Opt for cotton scarves if breathability and comfort are priorities. They wear comfortably against the body, but be mindful of their tendency to wrinkle.
  • Modal. With its exceptional softness and smoothness, the modal fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable. Its vibrant print colors add to its allure, although it can be more prone to deformation.
  • Silk blend. Boasting excellent elasticity and a soft touch, silk blends also resist shrinking. However, they may lack wear resistance.

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