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Custom Envelope Pillowcases

Using meticulously crafted fabrics for our envelope pillowcases, Sinosilk takes great pride in providing our customers with elegant and long-lasting products. We have different thicknesses of fabrics to ensure that different preferences are catered. 

Envelope pillowcases boast a minimalist design, offering breathability and comfort. The distinctive envelope design securely keeps the pillow in place, preventing any concerns of slipping or becoming soiled.

At Sinosilk, we offer envelope pillowcases with seamless inner side or piping trimming edge. The inner edge of the pillowcase rises for 12 up to 15 cm. Therefore, allowing a more stable structure.

As a reputable manufacturer specializing in envelope pillowcases, we offer a customized service that utilizes regular digital printing to bring the design to life on the pillowcases, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

We also provide various customization choices, including logo embroidery and packaging customization. These options can greatly contribute to the growth of your brand, propelling it to new heights.

We also support your business by providing envelope pillowcase with 50 pcs low MOQ and fast lead time. Send us your inquiries today!

envelope pillowcase
Black Envelope Pillowcase
envelope pillowcase
Green Envelope Pillowcase
envelope pillowcase
Wine Red Envelope Pillowcase
envelope pillowcase
White Envelope Pillowcase
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Wide Range of Sizes Available

You can choose from different envelope pillowcase sizes:

King Size: 20-inch x 36-inch

Queen Size: 20-inch x 30-inch

Standard Size: 20-inch x 26-inch

Square Size: 25-inch x 25-inch

Toddler Size: 14-inch x 18-inch

Travel Size: 12-inch x 16-inch

Custom sizes are also available upon your request.

Wide Range of Sizes Available


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