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[Answered] Does Silk Wrinkle?

Wearing silk feels like wrapping yourself in luxury, but those annoying wrinkles can dampen this experience. Whether attending a meeting or enjoying a romantic dinner, dealing with wrinkles can be a hassle. Every time you move—sitting, standing, bending—the fabric rubs against your skin, creating those unsightly wrinkles. Here at Sinosilk, we will offer you a comprehensive solution.

Does Silk Wrinkle?

Yes, silk wrinkles easily. Natural fibers are delicate, making them less resistant to wrinkles compared to synthetic fibers. The fabric structure also plays a role in silk’s wrinkle-prone nature. For example, satin silk has interweaving points that are farther apart, making it easier for the warp to deform, thus developing wrinkles.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Silk?

Before you reach for the iron or steamer, double-check the wash label. If it advises against using irons or steam irons, don’t risk it at home. Turn to professionals for help. The Following are some tips when you need to handle wrinkles by yourself. 

  • By Ironing

  1. Turn the dull side of the silk fabric out (If it’s a silk garment, turn it inside out.)
  2. Lay the silk flat on the ironing board and place a cloth over it before ironing.
  3. Use the silk or delicate mode on the iron. (No more than 150℃)
  4. Spray some water when dealing with stubborn wrinkles.
  • By Steaming

  1. Use purified water in the steamer.
  2. Use the silk mode or the lowest heat setting on the steamer.
  3. Steam silk horizontally and vertically along the warp and weft lines.
  4. Leave it air-dry before storing it.

How to Get Wrinkles Out of Silk Without an Iron or a Steamer?

  • Hanging Silk Flat to Remove Wrinkles

One of the easiest ways to smooth out wrinkles in silk is to let gravity do the work for you. This method requires your patience, as it might take a few days to see results. 

  1. Straighten out the wrinkles in the silk fabric gently. 
  2. Hang up the silk on a hanger, (If it’s a silk garment, make sure the hanger matches the garment’s shoulder line to prevent shoulder bumps). 
  3. Allow gravity to work its magic over time and check it occasionally.
  • Using Shower Steam to Remove Wrinkles

If you are struggling to get those stubborn wrinkles out of your silk fabric, you may find that simply hanging it up doesn’t work well. Don’t worry, there is another quick and easy solution, which is to bring it into the bathroom and give it a “sauna” when you are having a hot shower.

  1. Hang up your silk fabric a safe distance from the shower head to prevent accidental splashes or soap mishaps.
  2. Seal the shower room to create a spa-like atmosphere and enjoy a hot shower for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Leave the silk fabric to air dry in a ventilated place.
  • Using a Hair Dryer to Remove Wrinkles

If you don’t have an iron at home, you can still get rid of wrinkles in your silk fabric with a hair dryer. Notably, this method works well especially when the silk is slightly damp. You can apply the heat after the “sauna”.

  1. Simply hang up or lay the silk fabric flat. 
  2. Use the lowest heat mode on the hair dryer and keep a fist’s distance from the silk.
  3. Move over each part of the fabric to ensure even heating and prevent any damage from overheating.

How to Pack Silk to Prevent Wrinkles?

If you travel a lot, packing your cherished silk garment is essential. Nobody wants to arrive at their destination with a suitcase full of creased clothes, and it can be a hassle to keep your clothes looking their best while traveling. Thus, knowing how to pack silk to prevent wrinkles is crucial.

It’s important to choose the right storage option. Large-capacity garment bags with hooks or hangers are a great choice, which allows you to hang your clothes flat, and keep them wrinkle-free during your trip. 

If garment bags aren’t for you, simply lay your silk flat in a separate compartment in your suitcase. If the suitcase doesn’t have a separate compartment, try to lay it flat or roll it up, being careful not to overpack to avoid wrinkles caused by crushing.

How to Store Silk to Prevent Wrinkles?

Selecting the right storage place is crucial for preserving the quality of your silk fabric. A dry and well-ventilated checkroom or closet is ideal, as it helps prevent moisture that can lead to mold or moth damage. Avoid using mothballs as their chemicals can harm the silk.

When storing smaller silk items like square scarves, twillies, or ties. You can opt for a special tie rack or scarf holder to hang your delicate silk items. When hanging them on the hanger, make sure to evenly spread out both sides to maintain their shape and prevent wrinkles.

When storing silk garments, make sure you straighten out all parts of the garment before hanging it on a hanger. Additionally, choose a hanger with an angle that matches the shoulder line of the clothing. This prevents any unwanted hanger bumps or shoulder horns from forming. 

If you do need to store silk carpets, roll them up. When rolling it up, have two people cooperate on both sides to prevent unevenness, and then tie it with a string. If the carpet is too large to roll, folding it along its warp line can help reduce the risk of damage to its surface.


  • Is steamer better than iron for removing silk wrinkles?

Yes. When pressing the iron on the silk, friction is inevitable, sometimes along with overheating, potentially causing damage to the fragile silk. Steaming, on the other hand, is a much gentler way. The steamer produces steam that can penetrate the silk and smooth out wrinkles without any direct contact.

  • Can you put silk into the dryer to remove wrinkles?

Never put silk into a dryer as it can not remove wrinkles from the silk. Instead, excessive temperatures and the tumbling motion of the machine will result in silk pilling and shrinkage.

  • Does silk wrinkle when washed?

It depends. Following the instructions for washing and drying can keep your fabrics smooth and neat. However, when you stray from those guidelines, whether using the wrong wash cycle on the washing machine or wringing the silk fabric after hand washing, wrinkles will inevitably appear.

  • Does silk or satin wrinkle more? 

Silk wrinkles more than satin. Because synthetic fibers are generally more wrinkle-resistant than natural fibers.

  • What kind of silk does not wrinkle?

Silk crepe-de-chine and Silk Shantung (also known as tussah silk) are wrinkle-resistant silk fabrics.


Does silk wrinkle easily? I’m sure you already have the answer. Whether you’re equipped with an iron and steamer or not, this article offers comprehensive solutions to tackle those tricky silk wrinkles. Check out “More Resource” for more expert advice on silk maintenance, empowering yourself with professional knowledge at Sinosilk.

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