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[Answered] Do Silk Sheets Make You Sweat?

Summer is here, and during the day, you can stay cool with breathable clothing. But what about the nights? Annoying sweat can make your nights less pleasant. To solve this problem, while searching online, you have probably come across recommendations for silk sheets more than once. However, since you are reading this article, it shows that you are still hesitant.

Today, we will provide a professional answer to the question, “Do silk sheets make you sweat?” and alleviate all your concerns.

Do Silk Sheets Make You Sweat?

No. That’s the answer we want to give you. Maybe when you think of silk sheets, you might first consider their high price or their reputation for luxury and elegance. However, silk bedsheets are truly a worthwhile investment.

Silk sheets can eliminate all the discomfort you experience during sleep in high temperatures – sweat, heat, stickiness, odors, irritations, and more. If you have been troubled by these issues for a long time, it’s time to give silk sheets a try.

Why Do Silk Sheets Keep You Sweat-free?

The material used to create silk sheets is typically mulberry silk. It is a natural fiber produced by Bombyx mori, secreted through their glands and solidified. It is an animal fiber, distinct from cotton derived from plants or polyester made from chemical materials. Silk fibers possess exceptional biological properties, which precisely contribute to the coolness of silk sheets. The special qualities lie in the following content…


Silk sheets are lightweight and breathable due to the natural hollow structure of silk fibers, which creates a porous effect. These pores contribute to approximately 38% of the total volume of the silk fiber. In other words, this means that your silk sheets have around 20 pores per square inch. These pores enhance airflow, enabling faster heat exchange.

During nighttime sleep, the heat produced by your body transfers to the silk sheets you come into contact with. The circulating air carries away the heat molecules, replacing them with fresh air, resulting in a cooler sensation and reducing the possibility of sweating. 

Even in less ideal situations where sweating may occur, there is no need to worry. The breathability of silk speeds up sweat evaporation, providing a more comfortable sleeping environment for you.

Moisture-wicking Capability

Unlike synthetic fibers with poor water absorption, silk fibers have excellent moisture-wicking properties. Silk is an organic material with hydrophilic properties, containing amino acids that effectively absorb moisture. Simultaneously, its porous structure allows for rapid evaporation of this moisture, providing a cool sensation.

The moisture absorption capabilities of silk sheets surpass those of synthetic ones, ensuring that you won’t experience the discomfort of sweat on your skin while sleeping. Moreover, unlike cotton sheets, which are known for their stronger moisture absorption, silk sheets do not trap excessive moisture, preventing your skin from becoming excessively dry or chapped.

So it is widely believed that silk sheets can help maintain skin hydration. Whether this belief is a mere rumor or not, you will only truly find out once you experience it firsthand.

Regulate Body Temperature

The breathability and excellent moisture-wicking properties of silk create a cool and relatively dry environment for your skin, even in hot and humid conditions. 

Moreover, silk offers moderate insulation capabilities. Its hollow fiber structure helps trap heat, preventing it from dissipating. As our body temperature tends to decrease during sleep, silk sheets can provide an optimal temperature, reducing the risk of catching a cold.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you feel hot and uncover the blanket, only to feel cold shortly after and instinctively reach for the blanket again? How can you achieve restful sleep and replenish your energy in such circumstances?

Silk sheets can transform this scenario by assisting in the regulation of your body temperature at night. They minimize sweat production and make you cool when the temperature rises, and they can maintain body surface temperature and make you comfortable when it drops.

Smooth and Comfort

With their uniform texture, silk fibers undergo a series of processes, including weaving, to transform into silk sheets. They possess an extraordinary level of softness and smoothness, ensuring they do not cling to the skin surface even in hot weather.

This helps prevent discomfort and excessive sweating. The exceptional breathability of silk sheets keeps them cool to the touch, captivating you with their feel and allowing you to indulge in the comfort they provide, especially in hot environments.

Additionally, silk sheets have natural hypoallergenic properties and are gentle on the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you can confidently try them. They also aid in combating bacteria, reducing skin issues, and minimizing hair damage. It is now evident that silk sheets are truly a rare treasure.

Why Do Silk Sheets Still Make You Sweat?

You may have already tried silk sheets before reading this article, and perhaps you encountered an unexpected problem: silk sheets still make you sweat. Let’s analyze the reasons behind this unusual situation.

  • Reason 1: Your sheets are not real silk.

This is an unfortunate scenario we wish to avoid. After all, it will dampen your mood and enthusiasm for silk. Fake silk or artificial silk falls short in comparison to real silk and may result in skin feeling stifled and an increase in sweating.

The most reliable method to confirm authenticity is demonstrated in the video below, but it may necessitate sacrificing part of your sheets, so you should consider carefully before proceeding. (Before making a purchase, you can request fabric samples from the seller for testing.)

  • Reason 2: Environmental changes causing sweating.

Increases in indoor or outdoor temperatures, or engaging in physical activity before bed that raises your body temperatures – these factors are to blame for causing you to sweat.

  • Reason 3: Hormonal levels affecting excessive sweating.

Excessive secretion of thyroid hormones, estrogen, and others can lead to increased sweating. For example, menopause syndrome is caused by hormonal fluctuations and its main symptom is excessive sweating.

  • Reason 4: Genetic factors determine your propensity to sweat.

Genes possess significant influence, making some individuals naturally more prone to sweating than others.

  • Reason 5: Medications causing increased sweating.

Certain medications can stimulate bodily functions, leading to changes in blood sugar levels and hormone levels, consequently increasing perspiration. These medications may include diabetes drugs, antidepressants, and antihypertensive drugs.

  • Reason 6: Psychological factors causing sweating.

During times of mental strain, body temperature can rise, resulting in increased perspiration. Therefore, feelings of nervousness, anxiety, unease, and high levels of stress can trigger excessive sweating.

3 Tips for Silk Sheets to Keep You From Sweating

To ensure you can enjoy the comfortable experience provided by silk sheets and free yourself from the troubles caused by sweat, please refer to the suggestions we provide.

Choosing the right silk sheet

There are various options for silk bedsheets, and factors such as silk grade, fabric thickness, and weaving style can affect their performance. We recommend you choose top-quality mulberry silk sheets from reliable fabric stores. The suitable thicknesses are 19 momme and 22 momme.

If your budget is limited, you can also try silk blended sheets, although their effectiveness may be slightly inferior to pure silk sheets.

Develop good bedtime habits

Having good sleep habits can help maximize the benefits of silk sheets. Firstly, use appropriate bedding according to your needs and seasonal changes, and pay attention to ventilating the bedroom to create a favorable environment.

Secondly, it is advisable to avoid vigorous exercise before bedtime and instead opt for soothing music to help relax. This helps you to reduce the likelihood of sweating due to various stimulating factors.

Regularly wash and care for silk sheets

It is difficult to avoid the accumulation of body oils, dust in the air, or the hair and dander of your beloved pets on silk sheets during use. All of these can affect the quality of your sheets. Therefore, you need to change and clean your silk sheets regularly. You can read the silk sheets washing guide we have prepared specifically for you.


Are silk sheets hot?

No, silk sheets are not hot. They possess natural temperature-regulating abilities and excellent breathability. They allow for air circulation and facilitate moisture evaporation, ensuring you stay cool even in hot weather. However, in exceptionally hot environments, it is still advisable to use additional cooling aids like fans.

Are silk sheets cooler than cotton?

Yes, silk sheets are cooler compared to cotton. While cotton sheets also offer good breathability and moisture absorption, they tend to retain the absorbed moisture, leading to a damp and stuffy sensation. Silk sheets have a smoother texture and superior breathability, which helps reduce heat accumulation.

Are silk bedsheets good?

Absolutely, silk sheets are highly regarded for their exceptional quality. In addition to their beautiful appearance and smooth texture, silk sheets function as natural temperature regulators, minimizing sweating and keeping you cool. They are also hypoallergenic, reducing irritations and nurturing the health of your skin and hair.

Where Can You Buy Silk Sheets?

You have now received the correct answer that silk sheets will not cause you to sweat. Do you want to purchase and have a try? You can buy 100%silk sheets from reliable bedding suppliers, either in physical stores or online.

Sinosilk can provide bulk customization services for silk sheets, allowing you to customize silk fitted sheets, flat sheets, and other silk bedding products in various sizes. Please contact us!

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