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[Answered]Do Silk Pillowcases Help with Acne?

One day, you get up in a refreshed mood, and look at the mirror to match hair, makeup and clothes for a new day, but stumble upon pimples and zits on your face. The good mood suddenly flies away. Have you ever had this situation? And how often are you bothered by it?

Silk pillowcase sellers claim their products to be a cure-all for most skin problems. Can you tell if it is truth or hype? For those in trouble with acne, this post is for you. The following text explains how silk pillowcases can benefit your skin and what you can do to maximize their goods. Let us get down to business.

Do Silk Pillowcases Help with Acne?

The answer is “yes”. Silk pillowcases are of high breathability, low absorbency, good hygiene and low possibility of allergy. These properties equip them with the capability of preventing and mitigating acne.

High breathability: Silk pillowcases breathe well. They can regulate the temperature and moisture by releasing excess heat and water. This trait helps provide a better environment for both healthy and problematic skin.

Wicking relatively less moisture: Silk pillowcases are superior in water absorption than others. Pillowcases of cotton and synthetic fabrics, absorb much water in your skin, like sponges. As you know, skin in lack of water is prone to acne. The reason lies in that your skin may secrete more sebum to make up for water shortage and the oil then may clog pores.  Similarly, skin with acne problems will aggravate. 

Antibacterial ability: Silk pillowcases are made of natural animal fibers. These fibers have developed mature ability to protect themselves in nature over centuries. On your bed, they can still battle against bacteria and molds naturally. They also accumulate less dust than other fabrics.

Low possibility of allergy: Silk pillowcases are made of natural fibers derived from silkworm cocoons. They have a similar protein structure to human skin and cause less irritation.

Do Silk Pillowcases Help with An Acne Breakout?

Acne can be both mild and severe. The severe one may be a breakout of acne on your face. With a silk pillowcase, your skin touches fewer allergens, such as bacteria and molds, thus less acne breakout. But can it make a difference when your skin has been sinking into the mire of a breakout? The answer is yes.

In the previous part, we have mentioned the reasons why silk pillowcases help with acne. Obviously, silk pillowcases work the same in an acne breakout. Besides, the texture is another crucial property of silk pillowcases, and a soft touch is decisive to the recovery of severe acne. Friction and extrusion may stimulate the acne and increase inflammation. Silk pillowcases snuggle your face with their soft and smooth hug and meanwhile, their cool feeling soothes the acne’s surface.

Are Silk Pillowcases Good for Skin?

The answer is absolutely yes. As mentioned above, silk pillowcases absorb less skin products than those made of fabrics with high absorbency, such as cotton and other synthetics. Thus, your expensive cream and lotion will stay on your face to the maximum and work their best. At the same time, silk pillowcases can reduce friction and rub that other fabrics take to you when you sleep on one side. They can avoid wrinkles ‘generation, especially fine lines around the eyes. On the other hand, you may get better sleep with the comfortable touch of silk all night. Then, you can sweep away fatigue the next morning and your skin can irradiate glow with health. All in all, You can gasp the chance to boost skin health and prevent aging via silk pillowcases.

Tips to Clean Your Pillowcase for Acne

You can maximize silk pillowcases’ benefits by washing them properly and regularly.

How to Wash Silk Pillowcases?

Hand washing with a gentle touch can secure the safety of silk pillowcases during washing. You are preferable to choose this cleaning method. Pay attention that you should use cold or lukewarm water under 86 °F. You can first check if there are any sweat or skin product stains. If yes, pretreat the stains with stain remover special for silk first. Then submerge your silk pillowcase into soap water of silk detergent (or baby shampoo and baby wash) for about 5 to 10 minutes. After that, make a full rinse of the silk pillowcase with clean water and try not to leave out any chemical substance. Even a little chemical residue can make an adverse effect to the silk fibers over time. Next, put your silk pillowcase flat on a large, clean and thick towel. You can cover them with another towel or roll the nether one from one side. Impose some press to push towels to absorb excess water. At last, hang dry it under no sunshine and circulating air. Throughout the whole process, be tender as treating babies’ skin, with no rubbing or twisting.

If you can not get ground to it and have to turn to the washing machine, you need to buy a laundry mesh bag designed for silk items. But remember, wash silk pillowcases alone or arrange a silk-only load. Heavy fabrics will wear and tear the delicate fibers of silk, such as denim. Put your silk pillowcases into the mesh bag and launder them with the gentlest cycle of your washer. Never tumble dry silk pillowcases or other silk products. It is too harsh to silk fabrics. Just line dry it as what you should do in handwashing.

How Often to Wash Silk Pillowcases?

A clean environment is important for your skin when you have skin problems, like acne. Therefore, clean your silk pillowcases twice or three times a week when your skin is in bad condition. It helps to keep your skin hygienic and facilitates recovery. Whereas your skin is in good health, you should also wash it once a week or twice every half month. Not washing silk pillowcases for a long time will give bacteria the chance to adhere to and multiply on them. It is bad for your skin for pillowcases touch your skin every night.


In conclusion, your skin can gain a lot of boons on the small action of changing your pillowcase to a silk one. For another, no matter what type of fabric your pillowcase is made of, even the finest silk, you should clean it regularly. Sinosilk is a professional wholesaler of silk and silk products. Our products are manufactured by the top silk fabrics from China. If you are looking for silk pillowcases or other silk products, you will not go wrong with us.

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