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  • Types: crepon, crepon georgette, crepon satin and more
  • Content: 100% silk, mixed silk with lurex, polyester, rayon and more
  • Styles: Undyed, plain dyed, cut flower, jacquard, printing
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Silk crepon, also called silk crépon, and silk crinkled chiffon, is a type of lightweight, diaphanous, and sheeny silk featured by lengthwise wrinkles. As an exquisite fabric, it is renowned for its unique texture, flexible adaptability, and extensive applications. Moreover, it incorporates easy maintenance to the delicate silk fabric, persuading your still-on-the-fence customers. 

Sinosilk offers a wide range of premium silk crepon in different types, thicknesses, and styles, available by yard or meter. As a leading factory, we specialize in providing bulk orders with various custom services that aim at elevating the overall business.

Our fabrics are certificated and guaranteed to be high-quality and sustainable. Take advantage of our free fabric sample to verify in detail. Send us an inquiry to access our competitive prices with low MOQ and wholesale customization discounts for you.

Custom Your Silk Crepon Fabric On Demand

  • Undyed Silk Crepon Fabric
    Undyed Silk Crepon Fabric

    Undyed silk crepon is characterized by its natural ivory hue, textured appearance, and delicate drape. It allows you to unleash your creativity in dyeing, printing, embroidery, cutting out, and more.

  • Plain Dyed Silk Crepon Fabric
    Plain Dyed Silk Crepon Fabric

    Plain dyed silk crepon is a perfect match for any design vision with its ornate texture. Our fabrics allow for a broad spectrum of colors, from bold and vibrant to soft and pastel ones. Rest assured that the dyeing process is eco-friendly and finished fabrics are colorfast.

  • Printed Silk Crepon Fabrics
    Printed Silk Crepon Fabrics

    Custom printed silk crepon reproduces your artistic ideas and inspirations on the unique texture of the crepon. Our in-house artists and technicians can cooperate with you to achieve the best of your bespoken design.

  • Silk Crepon Jacquard Fabric
    Silk Crepon Jacquard Fabric

    Jacquard patterns infuse vigor and vitality into the fabric’s elegant crinkles. At Sinosilk,you can custom silk crepon jacquard in elaborate patterns and intricate designs, making your products distinctive from others in the market.

  • Silk Crepon Cut Flower Fabric
    Silk Crepon Cut Flower Fabric

    Cutting motifs merge vividness with a more textured silk crepon. They themselves possess a diverse variety of textures and never steal the thunder of crepon. This type of fabric can be more luxurious and splendid with the addition of lurex. Sinosilk will satisfy all your personal requirements for the patterns, from floral motifs to geometric designs.

Sinosilk’s Collection of Silk Crepon Fabric

  • Silk Crepon Crepe
    Silk Crepon Crepe

    12/14/16/18/23 mm

    125-135 cm

    Silk crepon has a bark textured running lengthwise down a basis of crepe de chine fabric.  It assumes a moderate smoothness and its one side reflects a subtle pearl sheen.

  • Silk Crepon Georgette
    Silk Crepon Georgette

    5.5/8/10/12 mm

    125 -135 cm

    Silk crepon georgette’s lengthwise wrinkles stand on a grainy surface. It can be extremely breezy and flowy, with a special matte effect. Silk crepon georgette is the epitome of crinkled sheer fabrics.

  • Silk Crepon Satin
    Silk Crepon Satin

    12/14/16/19/22 mm

    125 -135 cm

    Silk crepon satin appears to be relatively glossy owning to its satin weaving. It is opulent with no humdrum with varied ruffled details. Silk crepon satin of high momme is almost opaque.

  • Metallic Silk Crepon
    Metallic Silk Crepon

    Customized metallic silk crepon can combine the refined texture of silk crepon with the pronounced allure of lurex. Your personal designs shine and shimmer on the crafted silk of luxury texture and custom-made specifications.

  • Mixed Silk Crepon
    Mixed Silk Crepon

    Mixed silk crepon surpasses natural silk in application and affordability. Custom mixed silk crepon has an enhanced uniqueness, offering the ultimate in the lavish feel and personalization.

Uses and Project Ideas

  • Evening Wear and bridal wear: The luxurious texture and matte sheen make it perfect for evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and other special occasion attire. Its ability to drape beautifully ensures that these garments exude elegance and sophistication.
  • Daywear: Silk Crepon is an excellent choice for lightweight blouses, tops, and dresses. The fabric’s breathability and comfort make it ideal for creating stylish yet practical pieces that can be worn in various settings.
  • Accessory: The unique vein and excellent fluidity add a haute couture touch, making it a fantastic material for scarves, shawls, wraps, capes, and other accessories.
  • Home Decor: Silk crepon fabric can add a handle of luxury and refinement to your house. It can find various applications in home decor, such as curtains, covers, and other upholstery.
Uses and Project Ideas
Key Features and Characteristics

Key Features and Characteristics

  • Uniquely textured: Silk Crepon features a distinctive crinkled texture that adds depth and interest to any garment. This natural crepe effect enriches the fabric’s visual and tactile appeal.
  • Lightweight and Ethereal: The fabric is airy and vaporous, making it perfect for creating flowing, ethereal garments. It gains an extraordinary etherealness from its flowy elegant appearance, standing out from heavy silk. 
  • Elastic and fluffily fluid: Silk crepon has an endowed ability to stretch, unlike other types of pure silk. The inner twisted threads give this fabric an ease of elasticity. For the same reason, silk crepon assumes a sense of fluff in its fluid drape.
  • Naturally Sheeny: Like all silk fabrics, Silk Crepon possesses a natural sheen. It catches the light in a matte effect,  inducing a touch of grace and moderate luxury.
  • Breathable and Comfortable: Silk is revered for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties. The crepon has concavo-convex veins vertically or horizontally. Therefore, Silk crepon performs extremely well in breathing, ensuring that garments made from this fabric are comfortable to wear even in humid conditions.
  • Resistant to wrinkles and durable. Silk crepon has strong resilience and does well in retaining its state. Its crepon texture renders it better resistance to wear and tear as well, able to last long without painstaking maintenance.

Our silk crepon is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of aesthetics and functionality. We invite you in sincerity to experience its elegance and versatility and look forward to collaborating with you to create stunning products.

Sustainability of Sinosilk’s Silk Crepon Fabric

Adhering to our commitment to both consumers and the environment, our silk crepon fabric is certified to be eco-friendly and safe from harmful chemicals and granted the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification.

Sustainability of Sinosilk’s Silk Crepon Fabric

Why Choose Sinosilk’s Wholesale Silk Crepon?

By choosing our Silk Crepon, you are investing in a fabric that will not only provide your customers with unparalleled comfort and style but also enhance your brand and business.

  • Experienced silk factory: Sinosilk has established itself as a leading manufacturer of silk crepon fabrics in China. We have worked with over five thousand brands and enterprises, including high-end fashion brands. 
  • Quality control: Throughout the production process, rigorous quality control measures are in place to ensure that the silk crepon fabric meets high standards. With a passion for fabric and commission to our partners, we try our best to ensure quality and consistency in silk crepon’s texture and appearance.
  • A trustworthy partner for your products: Our factory is equipped with expert production lines geared to bulk orders, so a quick turnaround time for silk crepon is available. Our team has years of experience and is on hand to provide technical support tailored to your needs. 
  • Customer-centric services: Sinosilk is dedicated to providing exceptional customization service and support, including but not limited to producing silk crepon of specific specifications and processing bespoken dyeing, printing, and furnishing. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. Your satisfaction is our priority.

How Silk Crepon is Made?

The production of silk crepon involves several intricate processes. It is woven by advanced techniques and gets through specific treatments to create its characteristic crepon texture permanently. Here’s an overview of how Silk Crepon is made.

Fiber Selection

Silk fibers are garnered from the silkworm cocoons, typically from Bombyx mori. After harvesting, our technicians will gather the on-top quality ones with a minute examination. The cocoons are then carefully unwound to extract long, continuous silk filaments.

Yarn Twisting and Weaving

To create a distinctive crepon texture, a part of the silk yarns are tightly twisted during the spinning process. They usually act as weft yarns while the untwisted or slightly twisted ones warp yarns. During weaving, the warp and weft yarns come in pairs and alternate between S-twist and Z-twist, contributing to the final fabric’s crinkled appearance.

Heat Setting and Yarn Untwisting  

After weaving, the fabric undergoes a heat-setting and untwisting process. It will be exposed to steam or dry heat, which helps to relax the yarns and set the crinkles. This treatment bolsters the fabric’s crepon texture and ensures that it remains permanent and durable.

Treatments for Finishing

In pursuit of the finest appearance and texture, silk crepon passes through various finishing treatments. These may include unshrinking, washing, dyeing, and additional steaming. Measures can also be taken to ameliorate the gloss, softness, or functional properties.

As a factory supplier, Sinosilk has a whole-process control on our silk crepon fabric. We use top-notch silk fibers and state-of-the-art machines for spinning and weaving. Our artisans and workers are meticulously trained to ensure that each yard of fabric is flawless and consistent. 

What Is Silk Crinkle Chiffon? Is It A Type of Chiffon Fabric?

Silk crinkle chiffon is another name for silk crepon. The word “chiffon” may cause you to mistake this type of fabric as silk chiffon. However, the “chiffon” here just means “cloth”. 

Some may regard silk crinkle chiffon as a type of chiffon fabric for it assumes similar physical properties. But silk crinkle chiffon has a unique bark-like texture, slightly different from chiffon’s uniform crepe. Moreover, silk crinkle chiffon can also be an incorporation of silk satin and crepon texture, which is beyond chiffon fabrics’ reach.

How to Maintain Silk Crepon Fabric?

There is no doubt that dry cleaning is the safest way to clean silk crepon. Gentle hand washing with detergent special for silk is also recommended. However, you should reduce the frequency of washing to prolong the silk crepon’s longevity and textured appearance. 

Silk crepon turns out to crumple up significantly after washing. You can restore its unique texture by careful steaming or ironing. 

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