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Custom Scarves Services: Sinosilk

Scarves Design

All allowed file types include JPG, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, and PSD.

The image’s dimensions should match or be the same as the finished scarf’s.

Hand-rolled or machine hemming requires an extra 1-37.5px on each side.

The digital data will have its hue altered.

Scarves Fabrics

Choose from a range of fabrics we offer for scarves that are more customized.

  1. Silks such as crepe de chine, chiffon, georgette, twill, and satin.
  2. A combination of silk materials, such as silk wool, silk modal, and silk cashmere.
  3. Wool, wool modal, and cashmere.
  4. Other kinds of linen, like modal cotton linen.
  5. Modal.

Scarves Printing

Using a Digital Device to Print

  • The advantage of digital printing is that it can produce any kind of design, including sophisticated ones that incorporate photographic images and gradient colors.

Using a Screen to Print

  • Screen printing may benefit from the penetration regardless of how thick the silk material is.

Logo Labels for Scarves

  • Each scarf will have a label if you need.
  • There is no charge to label a scarf; the MQQ is 500.
  • Your scarf will be neatly wrapped and placed in an OPP bag.
  • Whether manually or mechanically stitched, labels can be cut with ease.

Hemming & Edge of Scarves

  • Machine hemming, including zigzag and straight machine hemming, is used to hem huge quantities of fabric.¬†
  • Tassels or fringe look wonderful in large sizes.


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