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Custom Cotton Scarves

Sinosilk is a professional manufacturer that offers versatile cotton scarves that is designed with excellent versatility. Thus, you can assure that we provide fabulous designs to show off styles. It is made from 100% organic cotton that is very soft to the touch.

We can also supply cotton scarves that can be used to wrap around the neck, cold protection, ear cover, hair or skin protection, and more. It is manufactured with design flexibility so it will appeal to all sections in the society.

Our cotton scarves are also manufactured according to GOTS, CE, and more international quality standards. Thus, you can guarantee its quality and durability.

Most of our custom scarves are made by hand, so the size may vary slightly, while the cotton fabric is prone to shrinkage, about 2%-8%, please be aware.

Sinosilk is committed to helping your business by providing cotton scarves with competitive prices, low MOQ, and after-sales services. Request a quote today!

Cotton Scarves Custom Options

  • Custom printing
  • Custom cotton fabric selection
  • Custom size Custom colors


  • Soft Light
  • Minimalist styles
  • Easy to fold
  • Mix and match with different outfit
  • Ideal for spring, autumn, summer, and any season
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The Process of Making Custom Cotton Scarves

After receiving your design, we will print your image on the scarf according to the printing method you choose, while ensuring the clarity and integrity of the design. Then we will cut the scarf according to the size, roll the hem and sew the label, after all is done, it is time to pack and ship it!

What sizes of custom printed cotton scarves are available?

Our custom cotton scarf normal sizes include: 30*30cm, 50*50cm, 65*65cm, 90*90cm, 100*200cm and 70*180cm.

Can I choose the hemming method of cotton scarves?

Yes, you can. We offer two hemming options: hand rolled hem and machine hem. Machine hem comes in two types: machine straight hem and machine triangle hem.

Is there a minimum quantity for custom cotton scarves?

Yes, our moq for cotton scarves is 50 pieces per design.

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