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Custom Cotton Bandana

  • Choose from a variety of colors, or print your patterns and logo.
  • Customize any size you want.
  • Nature-friendly. We use non-toxic inks.
  • Minimum Order: 100pcs
  • Sample time: 2-5 days
  • Production Time: Digital printing 5-10 days, screen printing 7-12 days.
  • Free fabric samples are available or customized to your requests.

China'S Leading High-End Custom Cotton Bandana Printing Factory

Sinosilk as a professional bandana manufacturer presents carefully crafted cotton bandanas, where great attention to detail ensures the perfect combination of comfort and fashion, giving your clients a style boost.

Experience unrivaled softness and breathability that allows your clients to wear our cotton bandanas comfortably all day long for any occasion. Choose from our range of classic patterns, including the timeless paisley design. We offer customization options for a more distinctive touch to suit your unique business needs. Whether it’s a hand-drawn pattern, a beautifully artistic creation, or a simple line outline, our advanced print artistry can work to your advantage. You also have the option to personalize labels and packaging for an even more unique presentation.

Rest assured that our cotton bandanas are made from premium organic cotton with GOTS certification. This ensures that we adhere to strict standards throughout the production process, guaranteeing the highest quality product for your valued customers.

These cotton bandanas are versatile, making them perfect for fashion-forward statements when worn around the neck or on the hair as headbands, they also can be worn by our furry friends, such as dogs, cats, and so on.

All of these fantastic products are available at competitive prices, making them an ideal choice for your bulk needs. Customize your cotton bandanas today to meet the diverse demands of your esteemed customers. We are honored to collaborate with you in leaving a lasting mark on the market. Don’t hesitate—send us your inquiry today!

Custom Colors Available

We can provide more than 100 colors, you can customize a solid color cotton bandana or personalize it with one color as a base adding a pattern as a brand-new design. There are some more common colors.

  • White 
  • Black
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Yellow
  • Green 
  • Purple

Key Features of Cotton Bandana

  • Wide range in application. Multiple uses for various occasions.
  • All-season wear. Suitable for every season, offering comfort year-round.
  • Eco-friendly. Made from environmentally friendly cotton material.
  • Durability. Built to last, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • Excellent moisture absorption. It helps keep the body dry and comfortable.
  • Skin-friendly. Non-irritating to the skin.
Can I Iron a Cotton Bandana?

Please follow the instructions on the care label. While ironing, it’s recommended to place a padded cloth over the cotton bandana and use a low-temperature setting.

What are the Dimensions of the Cotton Bandana?

The size of a cotton bandana is the same as a regular bandana.

Standard adult size: 20 inches (50cm)

Child size: 17 inches (43cm)

Larger size: 25 inches (65cm)

Extra large size: 35 inches (90cm)

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