Custom Airplane Ties

Airplane Ties Factory

  • Made from 100% silk or polyester
  • 50 pieces per design
  • Add your airline logo
  • PMS color matching
  • Printing or embroidery pattern
  • Coordinating flight attendant scarves
  • Sample time: 7-10 days
  • Production time: 15-20 days

Custom Design Ties for Aviation

A uniform is a longstanding tradition for every airline, but it takes more than that. You require an airplane tie that not only embodies your company’s essence but proudly displays your logo. Sinosilk wants to create these ties for you — ones that not only provide comfort for the flight crew but also unify the look of your staff and increase cohesion.

If you aspire for your airline to distinguish itself from competitors, the key lies in personalizing your airplane neckties through Sinosilk’s expertise. You can customize your ties with your design. These designs can be simple lines with the company’s logo, or elaborate patterns that incorporate the company’s representative colors, image, and logo as well. Employing top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology, we ensure the creation of ties that are distinctive and enduring. By donning these exclusive custom aviation ties, your staff can confidently project the brand’s identity day in and day out.

Discover our collection of exquisite and long-lasting airplane ties. Leave behind worries about MOQ and pricing, we cherish every chance to work together. When it comes to grooming your airline’s image, trust Sinosilk for exceptional craftsmanship and customized service. If you are interested, please contact us for a quote.

Airplane Ties Customization Details

In order to ensure that these ties exude professionalism, we offer a selection of superior-quality fabrics for you. To guarantee comfort, you can opt for fabrics that are soft, breathable, and lightweight, such as silk fabrics. Or you can opt for polyester fabrics that are easier to care for.

The lining fabric of the tie is usually made of polyester or wool fabric and is specially treated to give the whole tie a crisp and sharp look. 

As for the stitching particulars, we employ high-quality threads meticulously sewn by our skilled artisans, resulting in pilot neckties that are impeccably crafted and built to last.

The regular size of the tie is 3.25” x 58”, and the size also can be customized to ensure a proper fit for your employees.

Benefits of Airplane Ties

Pilot ties mere aesthetics and stand as a valuable asset for both pilots and airlines.

Projecting a professional image. These neckties bestow pilots with a polished and professional appearance, bolstering their authority and competence when engaging with passengers.

Elevating flight crew morale. Exceptional-quality ties contribute to heightened job satisfaction and morale among members, amplifying their sense of belonging and pride in their profession.

Instilling passenger confidence. The refined look associated with an aviation tie fosters passenger confidence and reinforces their trust in the airline’s commitment to safety and reliability.

Crafting a strong company image. They can play a pivotal role in shaping a robust company identity, exemplifying the airline’s values and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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