Custom 36’’ x 36’’ (90 x 90cm) Silk Scarf

36’’ x 36’’ is the classic square silk scarf size and is the top choice for brands. Silk scarves featuring your branded logo will become a perfect accessory in your client’s closet, changing the way to wear can create different styles. Customize it with your brand’s signature colors and unique designs. Whether sold as a standalone product or paired with other items, it will effortlessly become a stylish billboard for your brand.

  • MOQ: 50PCS
  • Fabric Options: silk satin, twill, CDC, habotai, chiffon, georgette, jacquard and so on.
  • Hemming: hand roll, machine hem, fringe, tassel.
  • Printing: single sided digital print, double sided digital print or screen print.
  • Free fabrics sample pack.

One Stop Silk Product
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