Custom 30 Momme Silk Pillowcase

Custom 30 Momme Silk Pillowcase

30 Momme Silk Pillowcase Manufacturer

Provide your customers a good night’s sleep with Sinosilk 30 momme silk pillowcase. These pillowcases are made from 100% mulberry silk fabric. Thus, you can assure that it provides subtle sheen, luxury, and delicate luster.

In manufacturing these pillowcases, we only use Grade A silk with 30 momme weight equivalent to almost a thousand thread count. Therefore, providing maximum durability without sacrificing softness. You can also guarantee that it can withstand to the test of time.

Choose from our wide range of designs, sizes, patterns, and style. From plain colors to printed pillowcases, we have the best deals for you. Custom 30 momme silk pillowcases are available to support your business. Send us your inquiries today!

Key Benefits

Maximum softness. The 30 momme silk fabric provides an incredibly soft and luxurious feel against the skin.

Anti-Aging. The silk fabric can retain the skin’s moisture, allowing a radiant skin complexion.

Skin Care. The smooth surface of the pillowcase reduces friction, preventing wrinkles, fine lines, and dryness.

Temperature Regulation. Silk is a natural thermoregulator, providing your customers with a comfortable sleep experience.

Hypoallergenic. It is an excellent choice for customers with allergies or sensitive skin, providing a clean and allergen-free sleeping environment.

30mm silk pillowcase


  • Retains moisture
  • Breathable
  • Promotes healthy hair
  • Zipper or envelope closure
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Soft
  • Acne-reducing
  • Reduce wrinkles

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